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Application Process for Mounting New Programmes

Institutions are required to follow the process outlined below:

1. Initiation of Request:

Navigate to the Initiate Request Tab and choose the proposed programs you intend to mount.


2. Submission of Request:

Click on the Submit Tab to forward your request to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).


3. Estimation Generation:

NBTE will generate an estimate using the system and subsequently forward it to your institution.


4. Estimate Review:

Access the generated estimate under the Payment Tab for your review.


5. Payment Processing:

Initiate the payment for the estimated amount and provide evidence of the transaction through the portal.


6. Confirmation of Payment:

Once payment has been confirmed, the status will be updated to "payment confirmed," granting you access to the Electronic Self-Study Questionnaire (eSSQ).


7. Completion of eSSQ:

Utilize the eSSQ to comprehensively fill out the necessary details for the proposed programs.


8. Verification of Completed eSSQ:

Verify the completed eSSQ to ensure accuracy and completeness.


9. Submission to NBTE:

Submit the verified eSSQ to NBTE for evaluation.


10. Scheduling of Physical Verification Visit:

Following the assessment of your eSSQ and approval, NBTE will schedule a date for a physical verification visit to your institution.


11. Approval and Program Activation:

Upon successful completion of the physical verification visit and approval, your new program will automatically be included among your institution's approved programs. 

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